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The company's policy as to various matters which may effect it's tenants are:
  1. Enquiries
    All day to day enquiries are dealt with by The Management Department at Stiles Harold Williams' Brighton Office, telephone 01273 876200

  2. Rent
    This is normally payable on the quarter days, 25th March, 24th June, 29th September and 25th December and is collected by the Managing Agents.
    A reminder together with a VAT invoice if applicable, is usually dispatched three or four weeks before the rent is due.

  3. Insurance
    Usually under the lease, the tenant is responsible to pay the fair cost of insuring the building against fire and other normal risks. Stiles Harold Williams arranges this on our behalf through one of the largest firms of insurance brokers in London who specialise in such work and negotiate the best terms for us. However, if you consider the cost high, we are prepared to review the matter if you can obtain a lower quote of comparable cover from a reputable insurer.
    We will invoice once a year for insurance, which will usually become due on one of the quarter days.

    To make a claim please do this through Stiles Harold Williams advising date, time and nature of the incident.

  4. Service Charges
    If you are leasing just part of a building, there may well be a service charge to cover repairs, maintenance and the provision of services to common parts, e.g. stairs, lifts, toilets, car parking, and external repairs.

    Stiles Harold Williams will at any time upon request provide full details of any monies held, the costs of work undertaken and any anticipated expenditure. For major works, competitive quotations will be sought.

  5. Repairs and Redecorations
    The lease will set out the extent of your responsibility. If defects occur which you consider are for the Landlord to repair, it would be helpful if you could advise Stiles Harold Williams as soon as possible.

    Even if the work is your responsibility, we are always prepared to give you our informal advice on such matters and how best any repair can be executed.

  6. Alterations. Approval of signage. Improvements
    Under the lease you are often obliged to obtain our consent to any major alterations, or for the erection of external signs.

    We might be prepared to meet the cost of improvements in exchange for an increased rent.

    We are always prepared to discuss these issues with you and will try and respond to your requests quickly.

  7. Graffiti
    If you are responsible for the exterior of your premises please make sure that any graffiti which appears is quickly removed. If it is left it often attracts more. Please contact Stiles Harold Williams for advice on how graffiti can best be removed.

  8. Refuse
    Normally, we expect tenants to store all refuse within their premises and to make their own arrangements for its removal. Rubbish left on pavements or in common areas is unsightly. We usually prefer not to provide communal bins because they are easily vandalized and their management via a service charge is often more expensive than if each tenant makes their own arrangements.

  9. Sub-Lettings and Assignments of Leases
    Your lease will set out the basis on which you may sub-let part or the whole of the premises or transfer / assign your lease to a third party.

    We appreciate it is important for tenants to have flexibility in these matters and we are always prepared to discuss and consider proposals made to us in this respect and let you have our informal views at an early stage

  10. Rent Reviews / Lease Renewals
  11. Your lease may contain provision for a review of the rent, often at five yearly intervals. If we consider that a rent review should be implemented, we will put in writing to you our full reasoning as to how we arrive at what we consider should be the reviewed rent, together with our calculations and appropriate market comparisons. This will enable you or your professional advisers to assess whether our proposal is fair. Failing agreement your lease will set out the procedure to be adopted to establish the rent.

    We will adopt a similar procedure if offering a new lease at the end of your existing term.

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